Unlocking Developer Productivity: A Dual Perspective on Best Practices & Testing

A presentation at Ottawa JUG, October 2023 in in Ottawa, ON, Canada by Baruch Sadogursky

In today’s fast-paced development environment, efficiency is king. But how do you streamline your workflow without sacrificing quality? Enter Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE), a discipline that focuses on optimizing the software development process from start to finish. Join Baruch Sadogursky and Eli Aleyner as they offer a dual perspective on making DPE work for you.

The talk kicks off with a joint introduction to DPE, demystifying the term and explaining why it’s crucial for modern software development. They’ll then outline the core tenets of DPE, offering a framework that can guide your approach to coding, testing, and deployment.

Baruch takes the stage next to focus on making your build process as efficient as possible. Learn about avoidance techniques like caching and predictive test selection that can speed up your builds without compromising quality.

Eli follows up with a deep dive into intelligent testing strategies. He’ll discuss “shifting everything left,” enabling faster feedback cycles by running as many tests as necessary—but no more. The talk concludes with a joint summary, offering key takeaways and actionable insights you can immediately apply to your projects. Don’t miss this comprehensive look at optimizing your development process, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the field.