Engineering Success: The Manager’s Guide to Boosting Developer Productivity

A presentation at Tech Leadership Summit 2023 in in Clearwater Beach, Clearwater, FL, USA by Baruch Sadogursky

When it comes to developer success, factors like work-life balance and workplace culture often take center stage. However, an underexplored yet critical component is the engineering environment and the supporting tools. This talk aims to shed light on how managers can invest in Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE) to drive developer success and organizational growth.

As managers, you hold the keys to shaping the engineering culture within your teams. We’ll discuss the importance of collaborating across departments to refine engineering processes and tools, all with the goal of enhancing developer productivity. We’ll also offer strategies for identifying gaps in your current toolset and adopting new tools that excel in promoting productivity.

The concept of DPE serves as a framework for these efforts, unifying various initiatives aimed at boosting productivity through engineering best practices. By investing in DPE, managers can not only improve individual developer performance but also drive broader organizational success.

Join us to gain actionable insights into elevating developer productivity from a managerial perspective. This talk will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to foster a culture that prioritizes developer success, benefiting your teams and your organization as a whole.

If this approach aligns with your goals, you’ll find this talk to be a valuable resource for understanding how a focus on Developer Productivity Engineering can lead to transformative changes in your engineering culture.

The target audience for this talk would be managers, team leads, and decision-makers within organizations who are responsible for overseeing development teams and engineering processes. This includes not only technical managers but also those in higher-level managerial roles who are interested in optimizing developer productivity as a means to achieve broader organizational success.