Improving the Developer Experience with Developer Productivity Engineering

A presentation at Developer Week 2024 in in Oakland, CA, USA by Baruch Sadogursky

The software development process is rampant with bottlenecks that negatively impact developer productivity and ultimately, happiness. On a daily basis, developers are stymied by slow build and test feedback cycles, inefficient troubleshooting, and unreliable toolchains that don’t send valid signals (e.g. flaky tests). Antipatterns such as these create toil and inhibit their ability to create quality code, leaving developers feeling burnt out and unfulfilled. In fact, 85% of surveyed IT organizations reported spending too much time waiting on build and test feedback. Given the high rates of developer burnout and generative AI’s growing potential to upend the development process, it is more critical than ever for IT leaders to prioritize the developer experience.

In this session, Gradle Inc. Principal Developer Advocate Baruch Sadogursky will introduce the emerging practice of Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE) and discuss how it can increase developer productivity by improving the developer experience. DPE views developer productivity as a technology challenge that can be solved by engineering solutions, rather than a people problem addressable by management techniques. As such, it relies on acceleration technologies and failure analytics to address the toil, frustrations, and process bottlenecks that most negatively impact developers. DPE aims to achieve faster feedback cycles and provide actionable data so that developers can spend more time doing what they love—innovating and writing great code.

After this discussion, audiences will walk away with a better understanding of the benefits of adopting a DPE approach—like increased cost savings and delivering higher quality software, faster—as well as how teams can leverage it to maximize developer productivity and joy.